Lee strasberg

"Jack Garfein is the one best able to structure the work of the actor specifically."

Stella adler

"Dear Jack, you created a heaven for art. No man can do more."

Frédéric Mitterrand

Former French Minister of Culture and Communication

"You devoted your life and your huge talent to teaching, expanding part of your own schools to give courses at the USC Film Department, at Harvard, at the Theatre du Rond-Point in Paris, or indeed at the London Institute. In July 2010 you published a fascinating book entitled Life and Acting: Techniques for the Actor, giving a full presentation of your precepts. All this, my dear friend, goes to show the extent of your commitment and the success of Method Acting. This method you have created calls on the actor to identify strongly with his character by tapping into his own emotions. Far from fettering the actor, you allow him to free himself, to express himself and literally act out what he feels. May you pursue your work as a film director by directing new films; may you pursue your endeavor to bring actors and directors to standards of excellence: such is, dearest Jack Garfein, my fondest wish - both for you and for the rest of us."

Martin McQuillan

Pro-Vice Chancellor of Research and Innovation

Kingston University London

"What Jack Garfein achieved with a diverse student body of mixed abilities in such a short period of time was truly extraordinary. He has the energy and grace of a man of half his years. His profound work ethic and commitment to excellence in studio practice is a shining example to the students he teaches. His long history of success in cinema and in the theatre, working with some of the most significant actors of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, from Marilyn Monroe to Dustin Hoffman, demonstrates the world-leading expertise that Jack Garfein brings to his teaching and the extreme professionalism with which he enacts his duties and responsibilities. I recommend him to you without reserve; he is a truly extraordinary man."

Patricia Bosworth

Board Member of the Actors Studio

Former Director of the Playwrights / Directors Unit

"Whenever Jack comes to New York, he lectures at The Actors Studio and the place is full. Everybody wants to hear what he has to say. He has a singular imagination and a deep appreciation about the process of art. I never fail to learn something when I’m with him."

Carol Becker

Dean of Faculty

Columbia University School of the Arts

"There is no doubt that Jack Garfein is one of the great teachers of acting and directing for theater and film of our time. And perhaps most importantly, he is that rare person who can bring into a classroom both the technical knowledge necessary and the emotional intelligence necessary to inspire confidence and respect from each generation of students. His presence as a warm, open, brilliant and complete human being is a great lesson in itself. But his experience of years of teaching in the U.S. and in France and all over the world is what makes him able to get the best out his students in each situation."

Yue Zhu


"This workshop is the most intense and challenging of all time, but I never tired of it, even for one minute. With Jack's amazing true stories and inventive exercises, we were living in a dream during class; it was really hard to wake up and go back to our normal lives. Except, we are never going to live normal lives again. The workshop changed our view toward life and we will always be looking for new challenges and ways we can 'work on our lives’. Words cannot express how much we appreciate and miss the workshop. A few friends are talking about carrying on with his workshop model and reading more plays. We are all motivated by the workshop and feel uncomfortable to rest now."

Oliver Brown


"To Jack, I cannot thank you enough for the work you did with us. It enlightened and enriched not only my work, but my life. So much of what you said will stay with me and it has already influenced the way I work with actors. Thank you."

Floriane Morel


"I didn’t know much about acting before coming to the workshop, so for me, pretty much everything was a discovery. I didn’t realize how personal the work of a (good) actor could be. I learned that understanding the work of the actor is critical to working with them as a director. I’m not yet sure what I want to do (screenwriter, director) … but if I decide to become a director, what I learned during the workshop will help me tremendously. I also highly recommend it to anyone interested in acting. I was astonished to see what Jack was able to accomplish with non-actors, proving that his method works. Apart from the acting technique, it was a the 'human' connection that really made the experience special. Jack is a human history book and generously shares his personal experiences, which not only taught us about acting, but about cinema and life itself; he was very genuine and open. We all truly shared something special during our time together. Jack's kindness and understanding might be the biggest contributors to the success of the workshop. He creates a very safe environment where we all felt comfortable and ready to give the best of ourselves."